Jones and Mike – 05/24/15: Jones Ponders His First Gay Wedding, Top 5 Albums of All Time

With wedding season in full swing Jones anticipates the attendance of his first gay wedding, and fears that his innate “George Costanza-like” social awkwardness will lead him into numerous humiliating situations.  Switching gears from raucous nuptials to festivals of riot Jones and Mike discuss Riot Fest’s 2015 venue change, from Humboldt Park to Douglass Park, and also Jones discusses his top 5 albums of all time.

Show Highlights:

01:06 – It’s wedding season and Jones is making plans to attend his first gay wedding.

08:50 – Jones fears saying something stupid at his first gay wedding and is concerned that, though he is in support of this union, he will be the family’s top boob at the ceremony.

19:36 – Jones and Mike discuss the “return” of Riot Fest, as the event, once feared by the concert going public to be headed for cancellation, moves location from Humboldt Park to Douglass Park.

30:02 – Jones lists his top 5 albums of all time.







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