Jones and Mike – 05/18/17: Jones Fears Death, Fights a Cabbie, Tackles Race and Saves Woo Woo

Jones takes ill and is down for the count. As he fears that the end is near he learns that most Gen-Xer’s are much like himself, panicked with the thought of their mortality. Perhaps its this the end is nigh perceptive that has Jones on edge as he finds himself fighting in public and taking on PBS over claims of racism and finally, are the Cubs wrong for going after super fan Ronnie Woo Woo? The guys debate, and want to know where you stand.

Show Highlights:
00:01:10 – Mike delights in Jones’s sickness.
00:05:01 – Jones confesses to endlessly watching death videos on You Tube.
00:10:07 – Why are people more racist when they contemplate death?
00:17:20 – Jones describes the final sounds of life, a.k.a the “Death Rattle.”
00:20:15 – Jones fears dying alone.
00:23:50 – Jones compares Chicago cabbies and Uber drivers.
00:31:12 – Jones almost gets into a fistfight with a Chicago cabdriver.
00:33:52 – Jones sees a petrified fare in the back of a maniac’s cab.
00:44:01 – Mike admits to pretending to ram fellow drivers that upset him.
00:51:40 – The guys discuss possible racial double standards on the new PBS documentary, “American Epic.”
01:00:17 – Is it okay for NAS to define black society based on class?
01:08:52 – Jones is irate that the Cubs have kicked Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers out of Wrigley Field.
01:11:39 – Jones makes the case for Ronnie to stay in Wrigley Field.
01:19:02 – Jones channels his inner Tom Ricketts as he works for a solution for Ronnie.







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