Jones and Mike – 05/18/15: Jones Fears Robots; Plots Riot Fest’s Replacement

Jones and Mike discuss Artificial Intelligence and Jones admits to Mike that he thinks mankind is facing a pending war with machines.  The guys talk about DARPA, their machines of destruction, and also Tesla founder Elon Musk’s fear of mankind’s pending Terminator style battle with their appliances.  Stepping away from mechanized armageddon Jones and Mike discuss the show’s new partnership with WGN Plus and they review The Chicagoist’s list of the 16 Best “Old Man” Bars in the city.  Closing out the show Jones and Mike begin to organize their summer festival concert featuring not only themselves but also hip hop legend Froggy Fresh, R&B star Tay Zonday, and a one time hologram performance by local musical artist, Wesley Willis.

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones fears Artificial Intelligence and he explains to Mike how we, the people, are facing a war with machines.

11:12 – Jones and Mike talk about DARPA, Elon Musk, Larry Page and the coming war with machines…oh its coming!

26:20 – Jones and Mike discuss their new partnership with WGN Plus, and they review The Chicagoist’s list of the 16 Best “Old Man” Bars in the city and they also discuss one of the bars on the list, The Old Town Ale House, a place both Jones and Mike partied at, and almost left as very different men.

41:52 – Jones and Mike make plans to host a summer concert along with WGN Plus featuring not only themselves, performing the hits from their unreleased hip hop album, The Training Wheels Come Off, but also hip hop megastar Froggy Fresh, R&B crooner Tay Zonday and a posthumous hologram performance by Chicago’s very own Wesley Willis.




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