Jones and Mike – 05/17/16: Refusing to Speak to “The Help,” Office Life Kills and Can You Really Start All Over?

In an effort to combat false humility Jones explains to Mike why he refuses to address his doorman by name. Mike questions this policy as he recalls occasions where he has befriend doormen and front desk people. Going beyond the challenges of navigating the office space doorman Jones thinks the office environment that he currently works in is physically destroying him, and he has no idea how to reverse the trend.  And after three years of office life Jones also starts to wonder…is this all there is to life?

Show Highlights:

00:01:06 – Jones tells Mike why he refuses to address the front desk people at his office.

00:11:27 – Mike tells Jones why he befriends doormen, and Jones holds strong to his “no befriending of the building doorman” policy.

00:32:11 – Jones fears that office life is physically destroying him.

00:51:23 – After trying to make his dreams come true, and failing, Jones wonders if he would ever bet on himself again.






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