Jones and Mike – 05/10/15: Mike’s Old Lady Sees His Shortcomings While Jones Grows Some Sack

On a very special episode of Jones and Mike, Mike opens up about his wife’s recents taunts about the size of his lumber.  Wondering if the verbal attacks have more to do with his minuscule wallet than his minuscule… Mike also wonders if his father’s military position in Korea, as the battalion’s resident “pecker checker,” has made him overly sensitive about such topics.  Jones, oddly, steps in to offer Mike advice to naturally boost his testosterone, and unfortunately in the process discusses the current state of his testicles.  With their testosterone in full flow the guys close out discussing the result of the Pacquiao/ Mayweather “Fight of the Century,” and unlike the rest of the world, they didn’t think the fight was all that bad.

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Mike confides in Jones that his wife has recently taken to taunting Mike about his girth, or more accurately his lack there of.

8:50 – Mike wonders if his wife’s penile taunts aren’t more related to the size of his wallet than the size of his…hey now!!!.

19:53 – Jones gives Mike, and men in the audience, tips on how to beef up their testosterone naturally, and bring their nether regions back to their full power.

34:27 – Jones and Mike discuss the result of the Fight of the Century with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.







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