Jones and Mike – 05/03/16: Get Sexy Without The Gym, The Mystery of the Bong Mask, and Chicago’s Premier ‘Pizza Experience’

Jones and Mike sit in for Patti Vasquez on 720/ WGN-AM. In part one of the show Jones describes what makes him so sexy, and Mike offers listeners 5 keys to being sexy, though the guys wonder…is Mike too alpha to be sexy? Discussing all things sex appeal, Jones details week one of his growth hormone and testosterone supplementation. The guys also discuss the saga of NFL Draft pick Laremy Tunsil, and Jones tells everyone about the best pizza experience in the city of Chicago.

Show Highlights:
00:00:15 – Jones and Mike sit in for Patti Vasquez on 720/WGN-AM and Jones starts the show by describing what makes him sexy!
00:06:21 – Mike gives Jones 5 keys to being sexy.
00:12:25 – Is Mike too alpha to be sexy?
00:21:32 – Jones gives Mike a week one update on his low T supplementation.
00:28:43 – Jones and Mike ask, “Who wears a WWI gas mask to get high?” (Hint: Laremy Tunsil of the Miami Dolphins.)
00:37:30 – Jones tells Mike where he can have the best “pizza experience” in the city of Chicago.







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