Jones and Mike – 04/26/17: Fast and the Furious, WWIII, And Getting Caught at Work!

When should men give up on movies like Fast and the Furious? And when should men realize that we are on the cusp of World War III? Plus Jones and Mike play the cocktail party classic “Match the Rock Star to the Drug Diet.” And Jones gets caught at the office…working out. Don’t laugh Gen X’ers, can you do a 1000 pushups while tucked behind the water cooler?

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – The guys discuss the latest installment of Fast and the Furious…Fate of the Furious.
00:05:19 – Jones is embarrassed for the fans of the franchise…yet he can’t stop watching.
00:08:57 – Jones discusses the shift in storyline of F&F, from tales of street car racers to ridiculous yarns about international crime fighters.
00:12:15 – Mike wants to know more about the crowd that goes to Fast and the Furious films…neck tattoos anyone?
00:14:20 – Jones brings Mike up to speed on the “arc” of the F&F storyline.
00:22:54 – As the Fast and the Furious crew takes down international terrorists, Mike wonders if the seemingly impossible action scenes and plotlines are away to plant a seed in the heads of the masses regarding the future capabilities of terrorists.
00:29:22 – Mike professes his love for The Weather Girls and their hit song, “It’s Raining Men.”
00:36:44 – Mike discusses life as a “prepper.”
00:40:08 – Mike believes that we are on the precipice of war in North Korea.
00:42:14 – Jones asks, “Is North Korea a winnable war?”
00:48:10 – Mike doubts that China would be any good in a war.
00:53:41 – Mike wants for know why everyone is so enamored with 420 a.k.a. 4/20.
00:59:54 – Mike reviews the “drug diets” of rock stars and Jones try to guess which star was linked to each diet.
01:06:23 – Jones talks codeine and Ambien.
01:15:15 – Jones aims to do a 1000 push-ups in a day.
01:19:00 – Jones gets caught at work…working out.
01:23:17 – Jones lies to explain why he is working out in empty offices at work.
01:24:47 – Mike recalls a time he was caught working out in an empty, pitch black conference room at the office.
01:28:14 – Mike details a co-worker that would have sex at the office, during business hours.







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