Jones and Mike – 04/26/15: Mike Wonders If He’s Got ‘Game’ While Jones Cruises For Chicks at The Post Office

Mike's New "Show Shoes". Think Mr. Rogers...if he shopped at the Aurora Goodwill.

Mike’s New “Show Shoes”. Think Mr. Rogers…if he shopped at the Aurora Goodwill.

Jones meets a single mother, with questionable parenting skills, at the post office and senses that she is making herself available to him.  Jones does not “seal the deal,” could never see himself doing so, and claims that less than 50% of the male population could do so in his position.  As the testosterone swirls around the microphones, Mike tells Jones about an interaction that he had with a member of the opposite sex at a dinner party and the positive response that it created in his wife.  The guys close out the show discussing the pick-up artist “Bible” The Game by Neil Strauss.

Show Highlights:

01:06 – The guys discuss Mike’s latest Goodwill purchase; and Jones’s “encounter” with a single Mom at the Post Office.

11:49 – Jones claims that the percentage of men that could pull off having a daytime rendezvous with a single mom is less than 50%.

22:55 – Mike tells Jones about a woman that had an eye for him at a dinner party from the previous week, and the curious and welcome reaction that it brought about from his wife.

34:21 – Jones and Mike discuss The Game by Neil Strauss, a pick-up artist handbook for wooing women.





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