Jones and Mike – 04/19/15: Jones Finds a Diamond A Little Rough, Confesses to Lying to a Childhood Buddy’s Parent

Jones gets roped in, last minute, to attending a Neil Diamond concert at the United Center with a friend.  A noted Neil Diamond hater, Jones reviews the show as Mike, a noted Neil Diamond lover, compares notes from his Neil Diamond experience from 15 years before. After discussing a concert experience he didn’t want to have, Jones tells Mike about lying, as a 41 year old man, to his friend’s mother…simply because he still fears authority figures from his youth.  Mike wonders if Jones can overcome this pathetic state.

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones tells Mike about his experience at a Neil Diamond concert.

11:37 – Jones and Mike detail their separate Neil Diamond concert experiences.

23:08 – Jones discusses his inability to stand up for himself when facing figures of authority from his youth.

 34:14 – Jones and Mike try to get to the bottom of why Jones still lies to adult figures from his youth.

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