Jones and Mike – 04/18/17: Sean Spicer, United Airlines and the Manliness of Climbing Mt. McKinley

Mike defends Sean Spicer…really, can someone actually do that? And the guys discuss the divisive nature of Dr. David Dao and United Airlines. Also, are you looking for a life adventure to bring some spice in to your bland, bland world. Great, Jones wants you to shake those middle-aged blues and climb Mt. McKinley with you.

Show Highlights:
*Jones wants to know why people are flipping out over Sean Spicer. – 2:05
*Is it unfair to compare Bahir al Assad, to Hitler? (Poor Bashir.) – 4:48
*Playing the Hitler card, how does the left get away with it? – 9:23
*The guys discuss Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Sean Spicer bits. – 14:05
*Mike defends Sean Spicer’s comments on Bashar al-Assad. – 19:25
*Jones attacks the bumbling ways of Sean Spicer. – 22:13
*Jones insists that you should never apologize. – 25:35
*The guys discuss the proper way to apologize. – 31:00
*The sorrowful state of United Airlines. – 34:35
*The guys want to know why no passengers stood up to the police. – 36:58
*Why do airlines let you board a plane if they think it might be overbooked? – 40:42
*Jones thinks Dr. Dao was removed from his flight because he was Asian. – 43:54
*Are conservatives more willing to comply than liberals? – 47:58
*Mike wants to know if Dr. Dao is an actor. – 50:22
*David Dao’s attorney begins to turn the Good Doctor into a migrant victim. – 53:52
*Jones wonders why Adam Carolla and Ben Shapiro are supporting the decisions and actions of the United Airlines and the Chicago Police at O’Hare. – 59:02
*Jones and Mike debate what age is middle age. – 01:08:44
*While reading Men’s Journal Jones begins to wonder, “What adventure could I partake in to have an adventure of a lifetime?” – 01:10:37
*Jones asks Mike to climb Mt. McKinley. – 01:13:21
*Jones asks Mike to participate in a road rally race. – 01:16:07
*Mike asks Jones to participate in a spectator race at the Sycamore Speedway. – 01:21:19







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