Jones and Mike – 04/10/17: Jones Gases His Co-worker, Mike Fears Cyborgs, And The Guys Get Swole

Farting in the workplace puts Jones in a stinky situation, Mike worries that mankind will have to become part machine in order to survive in the future, and Jones tells you how to improve your muscle endurance.
Show Highlights:
*Jones breaks wind at the office, and it breaks bad. – 3:03
*Jones new co-worker hears him “slip.” – 4:25
*Jones reads his fart texts. – 6:39
*Mike teaches Jones how to cover up the sound of farts. – 9:30
*Are women any good at covering up disgusting bodily functions? – 12:50
*Can you be sued for farting aggressively? – 15:05
*Mike downs some malt liquor at his son’s soccer game. – 18:15
*Jones busts Mike out for farting in people’s faces. – 22:04
*Are office buildings built to trap you inside? – 27:04
*A firm in Sweden is fitting it’s employees with microchips. Are we living in Limetown? – 30:29
*Why are we willfully turning ourselves in to cyborgs? – 35:40
*Could AI be a part of our own evolutionary process. – 36:40
*Elon Musk believes man must learn to merge with machines. – 39:54
*Should immortality be a goal? – 46:48
*How many pushups can you do? – 58:33
*Jones climbs an indoor rock wall. – 01:02:03
*Can working out while fearing for your life improve your performance? – 01:1:11
*The guys watch a video of a Kuwaiti woman hanging on to a balcony, screaming for her life, as her “Master” records the event on her iPhone. – 01:14:11







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