Jones and Mike – 04/05/15: Jones Defends A Boob Man, Mike Questions the Power of Social Media

Jones and Mike discuss controversies in local media, particularly WSCR’s Dan Bernstein and his one word rant about the “gifts” of one Aiyana Cristal, reporter for Comcast Sports Net Chicago. Jones raises the question of a possible double standard in sports broadcasting and Mike questions the value and validity of social media. The guys close out the show discussing Facebook etiquette and ask when is it okay to take an emergency situation to your Facebook friends.

Show Highlights:

01:05 – Jones and Mike defend WSCR host Dan Bernstein on his one word Twitter “rant” about Comcast Sports Net Chicago’s, Aiyana Cristal, and the extreme measurements she posses just below the neck.

11:43 – Jones and Mike continue their discussion on sexism in sports and the possible double standard that is applied to men in the sports broadcasting world.

23:57 – Mike takes on social media, are the numbers real? What do they mean? Do they mean anything?

34:26 – Jones talks Facebook etiquette, when is it okay to request prayers? Is it ok to declare personal states of emergency on social media. What is the answer?!


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