Jones and Mike – 03/29/16: Can Jones Save the Celebs, and is Chicago Losing Its Cool Factor?

In a week where the world of entertainment lost both Gary Shandling and Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, Mike becomes inspired to start a charitable foundation to save celebrities from themselves. Jones, wants answers as to why Phife Dawg, a severe diabetic, consumed a steady diet of refined, processed sugars knowing that it would eventually kill him, and he also wants answers as to why Gary Shandling, a seemingly intelligent comedic legend, announced to friends and family…on the day of his death…that he would be going to the Emergency Room, tomorrow?! (Perhaps a charitable foundation to save celebrities from themselves really is in order.) Staying on the track of celebrities, Jones is shocked when he receives news of Frances Bean Cobain’s pending divorce, and more over, shocked that her late father, Kurt Cobain, has an estate that is worth $450 million. And finally, are the current renovations at Wrigley Field, renovations that are reshaping the Lakeview neignorhood, a sign that Chicago has become one large suburb?


Show Highlights:

00:01:06 – Mike wants to start a foundation to save celebrities from themselves.

00:12:16 – The guys discuss the most illogical health decisions that they have seen people make.

00:33:27 – How is Kurt Cobain’s estate worth $450 million dollars?

00:51:49 – Is Chicago becoming too suburban?







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