Jones and Mike – 03/22/16: Is office productivity during the NCAA tournament possible? And can the US military really destroy the world?

It is Jones favorite time of the year. Spring is in the air and the Blackhawks playoff picture is coming into view, but they all matter not for Jones right now as March Madness has arrived. While Jones walks on air as he waxes on about the tournament Mike wonders aloud what cost this joy comes at as he studies employee efficiency numbers during the NCAA Tournament. What could be worse for worker productivity than the NCAA tourney the guys ask…alcohol…drugs…sex??? And as for productivity on a global scale, who wins in a war between the United States and every other country on the planet?

Show Highlights:
00:01:07 – Jones discusses the lengths that he goes to watch the NCAA Tournament at work.
00:11:58 – Jones and Mike detail the various ways, from sports to alcohol to pot, that people look to escape office drudgery.
00:33:34 – Are sexual relations among co-workers a bad thing?
00:55:40 – What would happen if ‘Merica went to war…with the entire world? (I think you already know the answer, and it’s awesome!)







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