Jones and Mike – 03/14/16: Do We Really Prefer Tyranny? Plus: Judge Jones’s Donkey Hoops Verdict & Inane Fun Facts

Jackasses are being protested throughout Chicago-land as Donald Trump attempted to make an appearance at the University of Illinois-Chicago, and Donkey Basketball debuted at Oak Lawn Community High School. The guys debate which event was more disgraceful…hint Jones and Mike are leaning toward the shut down of the Donald Trump rally at UIC. (C’mon Chicago get it together!) Looking to take a step back from the heady topics of Trump protests and donkeys on the hard court the guys close out the show by detailing the “30 facts that sound like BS, but are true!” (Is John Popper’s head really bigger than a head of lettuce?)

Show Highlights:

00:01:08 – Jones talks about the protestors he encountered outside of the donkey basketball tournament he attended over the weekend at Oak Lawn Community High School, and yes, he eventually discusses that whole Trump/ UIC thing.

12:38 – Jones does not believe that Chicago did itself proud by shutting down Trump. Is he one of the few…or one of the many?

41:37 – They guys watch the footage of the donkey basketball tourney that Jones attended in Oak Lawn, in a word, horror show…that’s two words, I know.

57:01 – Jones combs through the highlights of “30 facts that sound like BS, but are true!”







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