Jones and Mike – 03/14/15: Jones Is Accused Of Being A Pothead, Mike’s Stink Is Not From Cancer

Mike rejoices as he finally solves his long battle with body odor, and Jones tells Mike about his co-workers accusing him of smelling like the office pot-head. The pot talk continues as the girls at Jones’s office figure out that it is a personal body product that has betrayed him. The work place rumor talk takes a dark turn though, as Jones recalls a time when he received a call on a private hotline at work; a butt dial that revealed the sounds of what was possibly a child being assaulted. Jones discusses the dilemma that followed. Attempting to close out the show on a more humorous tone the guys discuss a story about a young boy from Britain who went to school dressed as BDSM literary icon, Christian Grey.  Oddly this story leads to the guys discussing times that they attended school in what can only be described as poor choices of costume.

Show Highlights:

01:06 – Mike reveals the cause of his body odor and Jones learns that he smells like a pothead.

11:43 – Jones learns what makes him smell like a pothead.

23:02 – Jones tells Mike about the time he received a mysterious call while at work, a butt dial of what sounded like a child being abused.

34:22 – Jones and Mike discuss a British Schoolboy that dressed like Christian Grey for the school’s literature day, and they also discuss times in their past when their choice of costume could be labeled as “curious”.


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