Jones and Mike – 03/02/16: The Defitinitve ‘Over 40’ Guide To Fitting In At Your New Millennial Office; Who Killed Scalia?

Mike has scored a new job, at Google of all places, and Jones tells him how to dress for success, get along with Millennials, and avoid sexual harassing his co-workers. Moving on to the second biggest story of the week Jones and Mike discuss the death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, and the guys find themselves asking the question, “Was Scalia’s death natural?” And Mike wonders, “If you believe in conspiracy theories, or the possibility of one day living under a one world government, do people think you’re crazy?”

Show Highlights:
01:07 – Jones tells Mike how to fit in with Millennials at his new place of employment.
11:12 – Jones warns Mike about sexual harassment in the workplace.
29:36 – Jones and Mike ask, “Was Scalia’s death really natural?”
52:23 – Is it crazy to believe in the New World Order?







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