Jones and Mike – 03/01/17: Milo’s Fall from Grace and the Purity of American Culture

Alt-right political troll, Milo Yiannopoulos, falls victim to the perpetuity of Internet content, and, of course, the foolishness of his own words. While discussing the issue of cross-generational relationships on The Drunken Peasants’ podcast Milo makes a disturbing statement about the age of consent and a “short” eight months later he watches his career slide into the abyss. Days after his fall Milo attempts to save himself in a press conference, but Jones believes he further buries himself as he discusses curious age of consent laws in Germany, and American citizens misunderstanding of his gallows humor. Moving on from Milo the guys shift their focus to the differences in sexual attitudes between Americans and Western Europeans.

Show Highlights:
00:01:06 – The guys breakdown Milo’s fall from grace.
00:17:58 – Mike praises Milo’s public apology; Jones tears it down.
00:35:47 – Jones believes that Americans have become too puritanical in their attitudes toward sex.
00:59:43 – Jones and Mike ask for fan participation.







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