Jones and Mike – 02/16/16: Stuff White and Black People Like, Meat Is Murder, and Lice, Love, and Large Ladies

Jones and Mike sit in for Matt Bubala on WGN-AM. Kick back and enjoy as the guys discuss racial strife, veganism saving the world, the stigma of head lice…and the stigma of Valentine’s Day.

Show Highlights:


00:21 – Jones and Mike attempt to bring racial unity to the City of Chicago.

05:41 – Does Peyton Manning get a pass because he is white?

15:41 – Is Beyonce a Black Panther?

25:44 – Stuff that white people like, stuff that black people like.


37:41 – Would you go vegan if it would save the world?

43:37 – The guys discuss the documentary “Cowspiracy.”

55:22 – Will Mike and Roger Badesch finally give up eating meat?

01:04:36 – Could the Sierra Club be in bed with livestock lobbying groups?


01:16:24 – What to do when your kids are ravaged with lice.

01:23:07 – Has the stigma of head lice disappeared?

01:32:50 – Mike fondly remembers the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues from his youth.

01:41:49 – Does Valentine’s Day carry any meaning?




Cited in this show:

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Militant Beyat Super Bowl 50




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