Jones and Mike – 02/14/17: Jones convinces Mike to Embrace His Daddy-ness

After former Chicago sportscaster, and Ex-Chicago Bear, Mike Adamle, reveals that he has been recently diagnosed with dementia Jones and Mike ask the question, “Why would anyone let their kid play football?” Switching gears from the gridiron to the office place Jones tells Mike about the benefits of having your younger co-workers call you “Daddy.” And finally, Jones and Mike ask how they can get better.


Show Highlights:

00:01:05 – Jones and Mike discuss Chicago sportscaster Mike Adamle’s dementia diagnosis.

00:09:51 – The guys debate the safety of youth football, and the likelihood that its influence will wane in the future.

00:42:12 – Jones details the method to his madness as he encourages his younger co-workers to refer to himself as “Daddy.”

01:01:35 – Jones and Mike work to get better!







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