Jones and Mike – 02/09/16: Is The Super Bowl Great Or A Capitalist Nightmare?

With Super Bowl 50 in the books Jones and Mike sit down to discuss the big game, and they wonder aloud, had they chose to not watch would they be looked at as being un-American by their peers. Much like the massive corporate event that was Super Bowl 50, Mike asks can we ever really be free while we are trapped in the massive corporate maze of modern society. Potentially bucking this trend of living life in a maze Mike notes the large number of Millenials that are living in vans and trucks, by choice, to avoid life in America’s corporate trap.


Show Highlights:

01:08 – Jones and Mike discuss Super Bowl 50, are you un-American if you don’t watch?

14:12 – Can we really ever be free? Are we all not trapped in a giant corporate maze?

41:18 – Millennials choose to live out of trucks and vans, are they wiser than we imagine, or just filthy hippies?







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