Jones and Mike – 02/02/16: Is America Becoming The WWE? Who Said It: Trump or Kenny Powers?

As Jones watches Donald Trump and Company gear up for a run at the White House…or at least a run at the run to the White House, Jones wonders where have all the good men gone? No longer feeling the need to be presidential, or professional, has America’s elite given up on disguising their lunacy?  And what does that say about we AmeriCANs that appear to be okay with that? Jones and Mike also make time to tackle the REAL issues facing America, never mind immigration issues and the economy; the guys want to know, are African-Americans better at passive aggression than their white brothers and sisters?  And closing out the show the guys go through a few rounds of who said it, Donald Trump or Kenny Powers?

Show Highlights:
01:07 – Jones and Mike attempt to figure out why anyone would bother to watch a political debate.

14:20 – What is up with all the Trump hate? Some say that he is even a fascist…can that be?

36:17 – Why do white people look like they are pouting when they get angry?

54:00 – Who said it, Kenny Powers or GOP hopeful Donald Trump?

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