Jones and Mike – 01/26/16: ‘Judge’ Jones Says ‘Grow Up’…While Listening To Bieber

As Jones and Mike’s year of “New Year, New You” continues Mike finally tries Jones’s daily spinach and fruit breakfast shake…and falls in love with it. Feeling as though it’s the thing to do at the age of 41 Mike pledges to further commit himself to a healthier diet, and then Jones takes things one step further by questioning if people over the age of 40 should drink at all. In a matter of minutes the guys solve the dietary problems of all forty-somethings and they turn their attention to the songs that they love…but shouldn’t, Justin Bieber anyone?

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Mike finally tries Jones’s antioxidant spinach, banana and blueberry shake and promise to focus on a cleaner diet at 41 and half.

11:57 – Jones tells Mike that he believes that people over the age of forty need to stop consuming alcohol.

31:49 – Jones falls in love with Justin Bieber’s acoustic version of “Boyfriend,” and Mike admits to being a fan of Katy Perry, Hanson and…O-Town (you don’t even remember them, do you!)







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