Jones and Mike – 02/28/15: Jones’s Heat Forces A Marriage, and Can Men Date Women Who Can Beat Them Up?

With UFC 184 right around the corner Jones admits to Mike that he would not be man enough to handle a relationship with his “love from a far”  UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Rhonda Rousey.  Confessing to massive insecurities that would no doubt come from partnering with a woman that could crush him like a cloud Jones wonders how any non-alpha male-male could partner with such a dominant alpha female. On the topic of dominant women, back from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he was participating in an outdoor pond hockey tournament, Jones tells Mike about how an encounter he had with the opposite sex lead to a proposal of marriage…a proposal that was accepted.

Show Highlights:

01:07 – Jones tells Mike about his love of UFC Champion, Rhonda Rousey, and his doubts of being man enough to handle such an alpha-alpha female.

11:36 – Jones and Mike continue the debate, can beta-male men date alpha-male women?

23:07 – Jones tells Mike about his weekend trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the “townie engagement” that his visit inspired.

34:27 – Mike tells Jones about his own alpha-female encounter as he has dinner with a local model.


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