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  • What is this show?


    Jones and Mike is lifestyle radio for 30 and 40-something men (but, broadly, 25-54 year olds). If you haven’t seen this video, please take a minute to do so now.  Take a good look around the media scene here in Chicago. No one’s talking to 35-55 year old men unless it’s about Jay Cutler or Barack Obama. That’s a shame. There’s a lot more to life than pigskins, elephants, and donkeys. That doesn’t mean we don’t talk sports and politics. Most guys in their 40s do. It just means it’s not ALL we talk about.

    An even bigger shame than talk radio’s obsession with sports and politics is this: when “Lifestyle Radio” for men has been tried in the past in this town, it’s been lowest common denominator stuff: Chicks and beer. A world class city like Chicago and its men are more sophisticated than that. They deserve better. They deserve more. We can have fun without being morons. Right? Right.

  • Why is this unique?

    Why this show? Why now?

    Chicagoland businesses are looking for the very men that are being under-served by the media. We know. Companies hire us to find men, and stations like 97.9 The Loop, 93.1 WXRT, and others charge an arm and a leg and only kinda deliver. Talk stations like WIND, WLS, etc., hire a smattering of 50-somethings and then wonder why no one under 50 listens. Even worse, they even pipe in fossilized out-of-towners like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage and let them blather on and on about Obama’s birth certificate for hours every day. That’s why this show was developed specifically for Chicagoans: To talk to men 50 and under who are looking for more than what the media spoon feeds them. We are 40, and between us, we are facing many or most of the same things our listeners are: Issues surrounding family, relationships, money, music and pop culture, career, homes, cars, loans, retirement, the world, health, death, aging parents, aging children, religion, philosophy, history, the meaning of life…

    Our goal is not to tell you what to think so much as to reflect what men are already talking about. When men are looking for a new home, it’s our goal that one of our partners can help them. When they need a car, we got a guy for that, too. Healthcare needs? Go see our people. And so on.

  • Why will this work for me and my business?


    There is a need for this show and programming, and we have the know-how it takes to get the job done for you as our partner. We have been in the radio business since the early 90s. We have sold it, produced it, and syndicated it. We have bought media, too, as advertisers. We know what Chicagoland businesses face when trying to attract, capture, and convince men to become their customers, members, patients, & clients. We know what it means to expect results. We know what its like to track every dollar – every penny spent – and want to see what it turned into. We can achieve the results you seek. We’ve worked very hard to make this as affordable as possible for you to join our team. We sincerely look forward to getting down to business with you and for you!

  • How do I join?

    Reserve Your Spot As An Official Show Partner Now!

    312-725-8017 or


Commercials 1x per hour 1x per hour 1x per hour 2x per hour!
Live Reads 1x every other show 1x every other show 1x per hour 1x per hour!
Sponsor Listing Yes Yes Yes Yes!
Web Banners Mainpage – Small Mainpage 300×250 Sitewide 300×250, header, footer!
Segment Sponsorships 1x every other show 1x per hour 2x show
Social Media Inclusion 4x 5x per term 7x – boosted – per term!
Video Inclusion Yes – 1x per term 2x per term!
Co-Host Seat 1x 1x per term!
Email Inclusion 1x All Show Emails
Category Exclusivity Yes
Right of Refusal Yes
Sponsorship Naming Rights Yes: (Phone, Studio, Mobile, Social)
On-demand Audio Pre/Post Roll Inclusion 1x per Term
Get Started Now! Be A Preferred Partner! Become an Expert! Be a Jones and Mike VIP!

By choosing a Sponsorship Package above you are agreeing to this advertising contract.  Please review it carefully.  If you do not agree to the terms in that contract, please do not proceed!  All packages require a 12 week initial term, payable in 4 week installments.  All sponsorship agreements can be canceled within 14 days with written notice AFTER your initial 12 week term. 

You’ve Got Questions?  We’ve got Answers:

  • When is the show on and where?


    We live in a 24/7, on-demand world, so, too, we are on 24/7! The show is heard in cars, homes, and offices across Chicagoland on, among other places and channels, WGN Plus.  Our show is the proverbial meat in a sandwich that will benefit you: We can promote your product or business in the shows around us that compliment ours, as well as on other stations in town, too!  Want to reach people  on 97.1 The Drive, 97.9 The Loop, ESPN 1000, 101WKQX, and Pandora?  We can help you do whatever you need to do to reach and sell to whoever you’re looking for!

    This show goes where people go:  After we air on the radio, men check out the audio on this site, on on their mobile phone app for Apple and Android devices, via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and more channels all the time! The on-demand videos can be seen on this site as well as on YouTube, Vimeo, and more.  We are everywhere men are whenever they want to hang out!  On-air, on-line, on apps, and on-site!

  • Will I be on the show?

    When you are an Expert or VIP sponsor, you are on the show with us as a bona fide co-host! None of this “interview” stuff. You’re there for an entire hour, weighing in, participating, and establishing yourself as an expert, as a friend.

    Experts can do this for a full hour every 3 months and VIPs one hour every month! This is the perfect way to be seen, heard, and trusted, and, if you’ve ever considered hosting your own show, this is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water and see if it’s right for you! (If it is, we can, of course, help you develop your own show.)

  • Do you help me with my commercials?

    We handle everything for you, soup-to-nuts.  We work with you to develop your custom script, then we have your spot voiced, and produce it to the highest standards anywhere with all the bells and whistles. After decades in radio, we know some of the most recognizable voices in the world!  You want the voice of the WWE to read your spot?  Done.  You want the guy who narrated the “Honeybadger” viral vids?  Done.  The world is your oyster.  Your finished commercial is also yours to keep and air or use wherever you want!  We also handle every aspect of every integration from scripting segment sponsorships, video inclusions, etc., and you have editorial control, naturally!

  • How can I download a sales kit?

    Click and save right HERE.  (Shhh, though.  This is such a ridiculous value, you should probably keep this to yourself – UNLESS, you have a friend that can join and then, together, we take over this town.  In that case, share and share alike!)

  • When you say you'll help me sell to your other sponsors' consumers, what in Sam Hill does that mean?

    Here’s the story:  We have been in radio a long time on the air and behind the scenes, and as a media buying agency.  We know how radio has become a revolving carousel of mere “advertisers”.  The listening audience has picked up on that, so they kinda don’t buy what these stations schlep anymore.

    We are different.  We are plainly telling our audience that the products we talk about are the ones we use.  We are also telling them that they need to buy these products as part of the transaction they’re participating in by listening, watching, and reading:  We give them entertainment and information, they buy from you, and you continue to support us.  There’s no fakeness.  This is all Real.  Authentic.  Transparent.]


    Also, we’re not just blindly going out there across Chicagoland and whoring ourselves or this inventory out to just anyone.  We’re specifically seeking out people and products we like and can honestly endorse, AND we’re looking for symbiotic sponsors.  In other words, we want to find companies that compliment each other.  Here’s a hypothetical example:  Lets say Gus owns restaurants (a stretch that a Greek guy would own restaurants, but suspend disbelief for a sec).  Our sponsor that holds events for singles could have events at Gus’ locations.  Uber could offer their service to the people attending the events.  In each car is a placard promoting our “Free Home” giveaway sponsored by our Mortgage loan partner.  He offers a reduced rate to Events and Adventures members, and his clients, the Gus’s, and Uber all promote a reduced rate to join E&A.  We are the glue that bring it all together and push it all across multiple broadcast and digital media channels.  Gus could get all that for a fraction of what a couple of dozen commercials beaming out to people in DeKalb and Joliet on WLUP.  Gus is, like, “Opa” to that.


    Unfortunately for the myopic and corporate-controlled Chicago businesses, no media organization in town has offered this level of integration and cooperation…until now!  No one has taken this sort of vested interest in their clients’ success.  This is the intrinsic and valuable difference between us and them.   We know our success is 100% hinged to your success, and we work exceedingly hard to ensure our mutual success!

  • What are the terms?

    Glad you asked! We accept cash, check, precious metals, husbandry, favors, but prefer major credit cards. All plans require a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks payable in advance of services rendered. VIP plans require a 13 week commitment due to the number of assets produced for you!

  • What's a live read/segment sponsorship?

    That’s when Mike says “This segment of the Jones & Mike show is brought to you by…”  It’s when we promote and ostensibly endorse your business or product from within the content itself.  If you believe people tune out during commercials (and there’s lot of evidence and research that this isn’t necessarily the case), these live reads are incredibly powerful!  Plus, these put you in many different formats of the content:  The live stream when we record the show, the live stream which plays our shows 24/7 for years, the video of the show (which will live for decades, as well, online), and our on-demand audio (also known as the “podcast”.)

  • What does 'video inclusion' mean?

    You will be integrated into the official produced version of the show that will play on our site, on YouTube, and other video sites as well – for years.  Your brand/product/messaging will be featured in the lower third of the video, in the description of the video along with a link, in the background of the studio (we record our show in a green screen-enabled studio, after all), and during commercial breaks, naturally!

  • What do you mean by 'On-Demand Pre and Post Roll Inclusion'?

    We offer our audio on-demand, aka podcast, on the premiere content incubator of the most famous radio station in America, Chicago’s WGN Radio,, on iTunes and on Stitcher Radio’s desktop and mobile app.  When you are featured in the pre and post roll of this audio, your “live read” commercial is the first thing, and the last thing, listeners hear.  It’s the highest honor we can pay a civilian, and you deserve it!

  • What are 'Mobile Marketing Tools'?

    Just about 100% of Americans are walking around with their faces buried in their smartphone, so let’s leverage that by putting you in front of their eyes there!  Of course your audio and video will be available on mobile (phone and tablet) devices, but we also are BIG believers in text message marketing.

    We use this as a vital conduit to access our listeners, viewers, and fans, and use it to your benefit.  When you’re a VIP level sponsor, we will include your messaging in our bounce-back messages when people text us, and we’ll even create a keyword for you to use in your marketing.  For example, if you’re a doctor, we can create the keyword “Doctor” and embed it in your commercials (and you can use it in your other marketing) and that way we can track your advertising’s ROI, have direct access to text people who are interested in you, and so on.  It’s incredibly powerful marketing and reserved only for our biggest partners!

    By the way, this has worked amazingly for one of our sponsors.  We started embedding keywords in his marketing and within months had a list of more than 1500 cell phone numbers!  Now he can call these prospects directly.  That’s ridiculous reach and power.

  • What types of Sponsorships can I attach my brand or product name to?

    This is, for obvious reasons, the most exclusive set of assets we offer!  VIPs can attach their name to the Jones & Mike studio, toll-free phone line, our social media network and we can even create custom features for you as well.  For example, if you host concerts at your venue, we can create an event calendar on the show and website and put your name all over it!

    When you sponsor the phone line, your branding is heard when people call the show, on-screen, and when we reference the phone number on air.  If you attach to the studio, your branding is heard when we reference our location, and it’s seen on screen as well via lower thirds and the background.   Finally, when the social media sponsorship gets your branding in our headers and description on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  You like?

  • Describe what you'll do for me using social media?

    When you’re included in our social media, we promote you in our content on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and we pay for that content to be promoted outside of our fan base.  Facebook allows you to pay to “Boost” posts, which broadcasts that post to your fans, of course, but also to their friends!  Twitter’s “Sponsored Tweets” are similar.  We use both to not only grow our show’s reach and fanbase, but to promote you as well!  We also pay to focus like a laser on the demo we want to talk to:  35-55 Chicagoland men with a specific set of interests, likes, education, affiliations, etc.

  • What in the hell is 'Right of Refusal'?

    You can’t be outbid or pushed out of your sponsorship by a competitor who unscrupulously tries to bully you through us.  We can’t be bought.  (For now.)  No, seriously:  When you’re with us, you’re our guy – or gal.  The partners who help us are our highest priority and we owe you loyalty.  No one can come in and buy us off.  (Well, Jones can be, but we’ll reign him in.)  Become a VIP and let’s ride!

  • Will Jones pick up my dry cleaning and wash my car if I become a sponsor?

    Of course. What time?  In fact, look out your window.  He might already be there…

  • What else can you help me with?

    Name it. We help companies of every type and size with all sorts of services: Video and audio production, websites, e-commerce, media buying, and more. For example: This website and accompanying videos were made in about 72 hours. We’re pretty good, if we don’t say so ourselves. Check out more at here.