• Great Show! All your shows are great! Love your guys' show. I share it with friends at work, they think it's hilarious. Your chemistry together is great.–Jim C., Homer Glen, IL

  • WGNPlus is a place for us to take risks and get behind innovative talent. Jones and Mike fit that mold perfectly.–Todd Manley, VP, Programming, WGN/Chicago

  • Time for new voices in Radio......as a great teacher taught me "fail to plan, plan to fail" bring on Jones and Mike.....and succeed ...Just saying...–Mark C., Lansing, IL

  • Intelligent and Humorous...and Mike, too!–Jeff G., Naperville, IL

  • Jones & Mike are the Kathy and Judy of the internet when you think about it. One difference.....Kathy and Judy are a lot more manly than you two pixies.–Dan, Lisle

  • Decent chemistry. For a long form - not bad. I’m currently looking for a highly topical show that that can set up fast and accomplish in 60 seconds. The audio you sent, took about 10 minutes to get to a pay off. Perefectly [sic] fine for that medium. [I'm hiring Mancow, who talks for 20 minutes at a time. About what, no one is quite sure yet.]–Wade, 97.9 The Loop Radio

  • Jones & Mike are like Steve and Garry circa 82. Only drunker.–Brian, Evanston

  • Great Job! [Now pay us to air this show]–Chuck Duncan, 1590 WCGO Radio

  • I like your show and approach very much. [Now pay us to air this show.]–Tim Disa, Air Time Media



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