• Great Show! All your shows are great! Love your guys' show. I share it with friends at work, they think it's hilarious. Your chemistry together is great.–Jim C., Homer Glen, IL

  • WGNPlus is a place for us to take risks and get behind innovative talent. Jones and Mike fit that mold perfectly.–Todd Manley, VP, Programming, WGN/Chicago

  • Time for new voices in a great teacher taught me "fail to plan, plan to fail" bring on Jones and Mike.....and succeed ...Just saying...–Mark C., Lansing, IL

  • Intelligent and Humorous...and Mike, too!–Jeff G., Naperville, IL

  • Jones & Mike are the Kathy and Judy of the internet when you think about it. One difference.....Kathy and Judy are a lot more manly than you two pixies.–Dan, Lisle

  • Decent chemistry. For a long form - not bad. I’m currently looking for a highly topical show that that can set up fast and accomplish in 60 seconds. The audio you sent, took about 10 minutes to get to a pay off. Perfectly fine for that medium. –Wade, 97.9 The Loop Radio

  • Jones & Mike are like Steve and Garry circa 82. Only drunker.–Brian, Evanston

  • Great Job!–Chuck Duncan, 1590 WCGO Radio

  • I like your show and approach very much.–Tim Disa, Air Time Media


The Future of Talk Radio?  “Talk radio needs to get younger,” experts are constantly saying.  Trouble is: There are virtually no lifestyle shows that not only cater to men under 50 but which also offer an opportunity for true programming integration that makes a real and lasting impact for businesses.  It’s not a question of whether this show is the solution to fill that void.

The truth is a handful of shows of this type are needed in almost every market in North America. Radio, and especially the AM band, needs fresh blood.  We firmly believe that this show helps you deliver fresh content to your audience and attract younger demos – more so than any other lifestyle solution you possibly have or that you’re currently considering!



Here’s what we deliver for you:


  • A show by – and specifically made for – 40-somethings, discussing the very topics they discuss…100% on barter with 17 hourly minutes for local content!

  • Fully Produced Hours (59:50) with 17 minutes of local breaks covered – up to 25 weekly hours!  See our clock below!

  • The perfect morning, afternoon, or weekend long-form solution, or the perfect counterpart to your lifestyle morning show for nights or even overnights!

  • Packaged as a Talk or Music Intensive Lifestyle Show and localized to fit your market!

  • Affiliate Support from daily and weekly promos to liners and endorsements, custom videos, and even in-market appearances!

  • Room in the 3 hourly rejoins for you to insert station ID – totally optional, only if you choose to (at :18:30, :35:00, :49:30 in the clock below)


  • Automated Show File Delivery into your automation system via radio spider or another program you prefer, or distribution via FTP, Dropbox, etc.

  • Your Station/Show will be promoted to 35-50 year old men via multiple weekly/daily Facebook and Twitter PPC campaigns

  • This show is not only totally free to you, but once we see sales traction and in certain situations, we are prepared to pay you weekly for additional airtime or in the form of advertising schedules plus pay you referral commissions on the tracked sales attributable to your station by our advertisers!  Free + Front End + Backend = An Unbelievable Offer Not Many Organizations Will Ever Make You!

  • All inventory we include will be tracked and sales will be attributed to your station (Please see for an example)

  • We will be actively promoting your station through aggressive email, mobile, social media, and online campaigns!  We have to promote ourselves and this show in order to make it successful for our sponsors. When we do that we will be also promoting your property!


The bottom line, from the perspective of people who have managed media buying budgets of $60,000+ a month in multiple market to find men for our clients: we’re paying to promote you and bring you advertisers all while working for free and delivering you a high production value show that radio, without question, needs.  We’re delivering it to you in a totally turn-key way that is designed to bring you high impact with no hassle, and we will be using every weapon in our digital marketing arsenal to promote you and bring you more listeners, more money, with no overhead and risk.



You’ve Got Questions?  We’ve got Answers:


  • Is it Live?

    It can be, of course, if it really is important to you, though, currently, we produce the show “live to tape”.  We prefer it that way because there are times when cleaning things up in post is just necessary.  With all due respect, very few things in life are better live.  The only reason we can see to do a show “live” is to allow for callers, and that’s not been a positive experience to us previously.  The endless back and forth of “Turn your radio down”, the “Hello, Mark on Line 3?  Are you there?” , and the witless bantering of people who spend more time asking the host(s) “How are you?” make us turn shows off.  We are not alone.

    Furthermore, when we listen to ESPN Chicago’s Waddle and Silvy it drives us (in Joneses’ case, literally) up a wall to hear them throw it to someone named “Tony in Park Ridge”.  If we wanted to hear what Tony had to say, we’d call him.  We like and care about what Tom and Marc have to say….only.  Having produced and performed on plenty of radio shows over the years, we have seen, firsthand, how the “phones” are leaned on when hosts have failed to prepare, aren’t talented, etc.  “Longtime listener, first time caller” is the type of lame line we strive to never hear again.  It’s all yours, Stever.  Jones even has watched as a host liked to open his mail live on the air while callers would drone on and on.  Legally, we are not allowed to tell you that that host was WLS’ Nate Clay.  Ahem.  Additionally, we’ve experienced how the “phones” – 8 measly callers – can literally dictate the editorial direction of an entire show consumed by thousands, even tens of thousands.  To us, that makes no sense.  Finally, we plan on our shows living for decades online.  There is just no way we’re letting someone from Worth who has a question about the inbound Stevenson live in infamy on our show.  None.  Zero.  Ziltch.

    Jones and Mike can be (and we expect to be) totally pre-empted for breaking news if that’s why you desire “live programming”, and over time, we’ll seamlessly work in calls to our number 312-957-7210 the way Brandmeier has worked with voice-mails over the years.  We’re not so narcissistic that we can’t share the mic, it’s just that, when we do, it will be prescient, quality content from callers – their “best of”, so to speak.  If Eddie and Jobo can tape delay their show for years on B96, certainly we can, too.  As to whether our insurance commercials are as good as theirs is another story.

    Of course, if you are paying us wheel barrows full of money, we can do the show live 🙂

    Until then, while we work on our own dime, we pledge to record the show from 10 am to 11 am Central Time on Saturdays.  The show is live streamed on using Google Hangouts and the recording is, then, made available automagically via YouTube.  The podcast is available within hours, and the show is ready for station download by about noon the very same day.

  • More about this show

    Every week since 1991, Jones has stopped by Mike’s house to share his deepest, and not so deepest, thoughts. What would be on Jones’s mind as he ambled down the Noonan’s driveway was anyone’s guess. Could it be a book he was reading, could it be something about sports, or even religion? Could it something that happened to him at lunch. “What makes a man like him tick”, Mike would often wonder… “what a makes a man like him at all” he found himself wondering even more.

    Mike and Jones met while attending the, then, all-boys Catholic high school, Marist, on the southwest side of Chicago in 1988. They even roomed together for one solitary year at Marquette University in Milwaukee until Mike fled south to join his future wife at Illinois State University. Without Mike for the first time in five years, Jones stood strong and stuck it out in “the good land” graduating from the “Harvard of the Midwest” in 1996. In the years that followed, Jones found it in him to forgive Mike for this cowardly betrayal and clear violation of the vaunted, albeit unwritten “guy code”.

    A single, never-married, heretofore childless, south-side Chicago son of two Irish immigrants, now knocking on the door of middle age as a city-dwelling, Transcendental Meditating, hockey playing, Cubs rootin’, grocery-store vegan; Jones has always been a curiosity to Mike.

    As for Mike, a man from what some might describe as more conventional stock, he is a Naperville living, beer-lovin’, 40-something father of four. With his wife since 1991, married on 9/11 (1999), Mike can now be found most days ferrying “wee-Noonans” to various sports or dance practices.

    Though after graduation the two quickly embarked on divergent life paths that stood in stark contrast in many respects, their bond has inexplicably remained in tact. Like a modern-day (and more effeminate) Laverne & Shirley, the pair is determined to get to the bottom of what Prince called “this thing called ‘life’”.

    More About The Show

    Jones & Mike, Riot Fest, Humboldt Park, Sept 2014. (Yes, they went together, and it was oh so wrong.)

    Jones & Mike, Riot Fest, Humboldt Park, Sept. 2014. (Yes, they went together, and it was oh so wrong.)

    Jones believes the best part of any radio show is always the deep camaraderie – and sometimes the real rivalries – that exists between the show’s hosts. “When hosts let down their guard and honestly share their private lives, their thoughts and fears – their secrets – even if I don’t necessarily know who every person is that they’re referencing, or the back story on every personal anecdote, I’m riveted. I don’t think I’m alone. In fact, I believe that’s what radio should be,” Jones says.

    Mike’s views on great radio are quite similar to his on-air “brother”.  He says, “The problem is, few hosts let their guard down and let you into their lives, even if they’re given free reign to do so by the suits. Most radio people I know put on a facade, even going to the extreme of putting on a fake voice. I know; I’ve done it. Radio hosts pretend to be something they’re not. We love every record, and every concert is going to be ‘the best time ever’. The ridiculous radio names many people use and others are forced into by management is a perfect example. I’ll protect the innocent, but, c’mon, guys!

    Radio, while the ultimate theater of the mind, should still be real, authentic, and intimate. Over time, as corporate America has homogenized the content and commoditized the talent, it has come to represent nothing of that ideal authentic expression that audiences crave. Even worse, when radio hosts get into a studio together, the walls go up, and their interactions and banter sound stilted and contrived. The laughter is forced and reactions staged. We’ve seen and heard it happen firsthand. In fact, we’ve done it ourselves. There seems to be something about getting around a radio console that robs most radio shows of their magic. When I was starting out in radio a program director named Lonny Tyler once said something that no other radio guy ever told me: ‘Pretend you’re talking to someone on the phone. It’s just you having an authentic and personal conversation.’ That advice always stuck with me, even if I didn’t always adhere to it. So many people in radio and entertainment have never grasped that.  Guess Lon didn’t talk to them all. If only more people would pretend they’re riding in the passenger seat of a listener’s car, just having a conversation. It’s more important to be interesting than funny. Not every topic is a laugh riot. Be real, life is not all laughs.

    We’re not the only 40-something men trying to sort stuff out. Its just that most 40-something men go on auto-pilot when it comes to sharing passionate opinions, introspection, and plainly admitting that they still have no frigging idea what they’re doing or why. Jones and I have this gift of blankness when it comes to that. We don’t have the ‘fear of admitting something’ gene.

    This show ain’t for everyone, but it’s for someone. That dude right there in Tinley. Yes, you. And you, in Topeka. We’re huge in Topeka. You three in Sweden, we’re having you on soon, we swear!

    If nothing else, however, Jones & Mike is for the guys in town who are man enough to admit they’re still figuring a few things out, just like we are.


    Read about Jones and Mike in All Access:



    Who is Jones?



    Transcendental Meditation Practitioner

    Hockey playing Triathlete

    Grocery store Vegan

    Chicago City Dweller

    Sensibly Consuming 100% Irishman

    Bored by Politics

    Cubs fan

    Peace, Love, & Understanding

    Second City Alum

    Cast member and former producer of A&E’s “Paranormal Cops”

    Who is Mike?


    Married Father of 4

    Old School Catholic

    Martial Arts Studying Marathoner

    Affirmed Carnivore

    Longtime Resident of Naperville

    Beer Swilling 100% Irishman


    Cubs fan

    FOID Fan

    Alum of 97.9 The Loop, US 99.5, and more

    (Whatever, Jones.  Show off.)

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