The Academy – The Definitive Documentary of Baton Twirling (2002)

Written, Directed, and Produced by Brian Jones and Mike Noonan

Starring Joe Burton, Ryan Churchill, Julia Cronin, K8 Gallagher, Shelly Gossman, Jenn Jackson, Karla Meyer, and Jim Nadder as “Vince Nicolet”

Cinematography and Editing by Steve Boal. A Jose Torres Filmworks Presentation.


Rated E for Everyone.

Total Budget:  $1,000 (suck it, James Cameron)

Honored at the 2002 ARPA Film Festival, Hollywood, CA, and the 2008 Naperville Film Festival, Naperville, IL


The so-called “Caligula of Twirling”, Vince Nicolet, has returned from shame and exile to the sport he revolutionized! His mission: To defy the odds by leading a group of has-beens and rookies to championship glory before the disbelieving eyes of the world….on the hallowed twirling ground of Canada!

This remarkable look behind the scenes of one of the world’s most demanding sports and into the lives of the people dedicated to it will leave you breathlessly rummaging through your attic, tossing aside pet rocks and mood rings, to once again behold the most treasured relic from yesteryear: Your baton!

The chrome-plated, rubber-tipped, end over end, fast and furious world of baton twirling has finally been revealed by acclaimed sports documentarians Brian Jones and Mike Noonan as the forgotten art form it truly is! Glory awaits! Prepare to enter the fearsome Chrome Dome….if you dare!

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